What is Busan Tour Card?
Busan Tour Card is an official tour card released in September, 2019 by the city of Busan and Busan City Pass to make it a comfortable visit for Busan travelers.
Exclusive Benefits of Busan Tour Card
How to Use and Where to Buy
The Busan Tour Card can be used after being purchased and charged at Busan City Pass or official stores.
Busan Tour Card can be used as a transportation card, to make purchases at affiliated stores, and can be charged and refunded.
Purchasable on
Busan City Pass Homepage
Purchasable from
Official Stores
Busan Tour Card
Affiliated Stores
Payable Affiliate
Payment is available at the following affiliate stores.
How to get Refund
Refund available at convenience store. (Only when the balance is less than 20,000 won)
The price of card purchase is not refunded.
There is 500 won refund fee.
Enjoy with Busan Tour Card!
Enjoy attractions, tours, experiences, performances, shopping, beauty, restaurants, and more with a maximum 50% discount.
Attractions (11 stores)
Haeundae-gu [Joong-dong] Tiffany 21 CruiseView Location 10% Discount
[Joong-dong] SEA LIFE Busan AquariumView Location 30% Discount
[Joong-dong] The Bay 101View Location 10% Discount
[Centum City] KidZaniaView Location 30% Discount
[Centum City] Diorama WorldView Location 20% Discount
[Suyoungman] Yacht TALE (Tour Program)View Location 30% discount
[Songjung] Song Jung MarinaView Location Room 30% Discount
Nam-gu [Yonghoman] Diamond BayView Location 20% Discount
Jung-gu [Busan Station] Busan City Tour BusView Location 2,000won Discount
[Busan Station] Jumbo City Tour BusView Location 2,000won Discount
[Nampo-dong] Trick Eye MuseumView Location 2,000won Discount
[Centum City] Hansei Tour Romantic Busan ToursView Location 10% Discount
Experiences (5 stores)
Nam-gu [Daeyeon-dong] Ring Making Café Kyungsung University StoreView Location 10% Discount
[Daeyeon-dong] Room Escape Café Gold EscapeView Location 1,000won Discount
[Kyungsung University] Fortune Factory BoardGameView Location Free Beverage
BusanJin-gu [Junpo Café Street] Ahgrina Dress CaféView Location 1,000won Discount
Jung-gu [Gukje Market] Corn Snack Mini StoreView Location Free Souvenir
[National Gugak Center] Saturday ExcitingView Location 20% Discount
Shopping (7 stores)
Haeundae-gu [Centum City] Shinsegae Duty Free [out of total cost]View Location Coupon Provided
[U-dong] Souvenir ShopView Location 10% Discount and Souvenir
Jung-gu [Gukje Market] Duaki Bracelet ShopView Location Free Souvenir
[Gukje Market] Stair 168 Souvenir ShopView Location 10%Discount and Souvenir
[Gukje Market] JINNYCHO ShopView Location
Saha-gu [Gamcheon Culture Village] 21 Stores of the Merchant AssociationView Location 10% Discount
Suyeong-gu [Milak-dong] Souvenir Shop Orange OceanView Location Commemorative Stamps Exchange Coupon
Beauty (4 stores)
Haeundae-gu [Centum City] Spa LandView Location 10% Discount
BusanJin-gu [Seo-myeon] Anak CosmeticView Location 15% Discount
Jung-gu [Nampo-dong] Beauty Salon 결View Location Free Jewelry Doco Parts
Nam-gu [Gwanganri] Traditional Thai Massage Soodam Thai TherapyView Location 10% Discount
Restaurants (12 stores)
Haeundae-gu [Marine City] Amisan Chinese CuisineView Location 10% Discount
[Joong-dong] Indian Cuisine Rama & BavanaView Location Free Beverage Coupon
[Joong-dong] Bossam Special Yungane SintoburiView Location Kimchi Bossam Coupon
[Joong-dong] Meat Special Hocheon RestaurantView Location Free Beverage Coupon
[Jwa-dong] Pizzeria LardoView Location Free French Fries or Ade
[Songjeong] Wine Special LesplanchesView Location Free Coffee or Black Tea
Nam-gu [Daeyeon-dong] Hare porkcutletView Location Free Beverage Coupon
[Kyungsung University] Burn & Burn’sView Location Free Beverage Coupon
[Kyungsung University] Duck Special PYUNGWONView Location Free Beverage Coupon
[Bukyung University] BobbyboxView Location Free Topping
Dongnae-gu [Bokchun-dong] Halmae PajeonView Location 2 glasses of Dongdongju
BusanJin-gu [Jeonpo Café District] Man from Coffee SeomyeonView Location 1,000won Discount
Haeundae-gu [Haeundae] Ramada Encore Hotel Room 30% Discount Facilities 15% DiscountView Location
Etc. (3 stores)
Airports [Incheon Airport] SKT WiFi rental serviceView Location Discount Coupon
[Gimhae Airport] SKT WiFi rental serviceView Location Discount Coupon
BusanJin-gu [Seomyeon] Seven Luck Casino 20,000won Coupon 10,000won Machine Coupon Transportation CardView Location
Check out where you can purchase a Busan Tour Card.
Check and purchase your cards from Busan station, convenience stores, hotels and many other places~
Busan Tour Card Seller
Busan KTX Station KTX Information Desk (Busan KTX Station 2F)View Location -
Yeonjegu Busan Metropolitan City Office 1 st Floor ShopView Location -
Haeundae-gu [SongJung] SongJung MarinaView Location Front Desk
[Joong-dong] Ramada encore Hotel HaeundaeView Location Front Desk
[U-dong] Centum Premier HotelView Location Front Desk
[U-dong] Cinema House Hotel In BusanView Location Front Desk
Dong-gu [GS25 Busangwangjang] jung-angdaelo 180beongil 12View Location -
[GS25 Dong-gubusan-yeog] jung-angdaelo 192View Location -
[GS25 Cholyangseuta] jung-angdaelo 226beongil 3-8View Location -
[GS25 Dong-gucholyang] jung-angdaelo 296beongil 3-2View Location -
Jung-gu [GS25 Nobeullian] Jung-angdaelo 80 nobeullian2View Location -
[GS25 Jung-ang] Jung-angdaelo 81View Location -
GangSeo-gu [GS25 Airbusan] Yutongdanji1lo 57beongagil 6View Location -
[GS25 Gangseogonghanglo] Daejeodong seolo 245View Location -
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